is designing sociotechnical architectures


  • Four Years of Team Topologies: The Good

    Four Years of Team Topologies: The Good

    Four years ago to the date, Team Topologies was published. I am taking the opportunity of this date to write about Team Topologies: the good, the (probably) bad, and the ugly.

  • I Witnessed a Crash Today

    I Witnessed a Crash Today

    Suddenly the driver in front of me jumped out of the car. A woman was lying on the parking lane to the left. The man called the ambulance. Two bypassers immediately delivered first aid. I got out and put up a warning triangle. Four onlookers were standing around.

  • My Love Letter To GROWS

    My Love Letter To GROWS

    I think it was in 2017 when I first stumbled upon It was an intriguing mixture of an encyclopedia and a new agile framework. Having done SCRUM for more than a decade, I was searching for something moreā€¦ substantial. And there it was. A framework that starts with the very basic topic of human…

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